There are so many great oils out there! Here are a few uses of oils we carry!

 Helps with:
 Nervous Fatigue, and tension, insomnia, migraines, indigestion, brings about happiness and humor.
  Addictions, anorexia, anxiety, loss of appetite, indigestion, depression, nervous tension, insect repellant
  Muscular Pain, detox, rheumatism, cleanses the lymphatic system
 Energy tonic, slimming, eases cramps, hair loss, dandruff, skin conditions, anger, cellulite, sleep
 Energizing, warming, circulative, balance blood sugar, infections, diabetes, ulcers, warts
 Dental, numming pain, cardiovascular disease, arthritis infections, nausea, diarrhea, lice, acne
 Bronchitis, poor circulation, cramps, diabetes, insomnia, lymphatic system, menopausal problems and pain, Pulmonary tuberculosis, rheumatism, spasms, throat problems, varicose veins, reduce water retention, muscular cramps and spasms, aches and pains, hair (Oily, dandruff, loss and growth).

 Decongestant, energizing respiratory, sinus infections, viral infections (Herpes), Candida, acne, bronchitis, rheumatism, arthritis, muscle aches and pains, diabetes, measles, migraines, ulcers, wounds, ear inflammation
 Asthma, depression, ulcers, stress, dispair, increases Spiritual Awareness, cancer, infection (Colds, Coughts, neumonia, respiratory, staph, strep), immune stimulant, inflammation, muscles, nervous conditions, supports the nervous system, Vertigo
 Skin, Cellulite
 Arthritis, indigestion, digestive disorders, loss of appetite, respiratory infections, congestion, coughing, muscular aches and pains. Detoxing
 Weight loss, ease fluid retention, heals the inner child
 Anti-depressant, sexual tonic, euphoric, anti-catarrhal, labor and menstrual pain, anxiety, depression, hepatitis, repiratory congestion, skin conditions (Acne, eczema, all skin types, sensitive), Menstration problems and PMS, hormonal balance, muscle spasms, sex, dysentery, nervous exhaustion and uterine disorders.
 Invigorating, eases joint pain, slimming, aura cleansing
 Insomnia, hair loss, burns, nervous tension, respiratory infections, high blood pressure, arteriosclerosis, menstrual problems/PMS, skin conditions, blood fat/ cholesterol reduction
 Respiratory, sinus conditions, infections (Clears, bladder, kidney)< regenerates connective tissue and ligaments, high cholesterol, digestive problems, fluid retention (Edema), Regulates parasympathetic nervous system, lymphatic system detox, varicose veins, strengthens vascular walls.
 Strengthens and relaxes, muscular stiffness, obsessive thinking, antispasmodic, antibacterial, anti-infectious, anti-fungal, antiseptic, diuretic, digestive stimulant, arterial vasodilator, diuretic, anti-sexual, expectorant, mucolytic, sedative, tonic
 Bronchitis, diabetes, cancer, viral hepatitis, fungal infections (Candida, eczema, ringworm, athlete foot,  vaginal thrush), tooth and gum conditions, skin conditions (Wrinkles, stretch marks, chapped, cracked), diarrhea, dysentery, hyperthyroidism, ulcers
 Uplifting, joy, cheering, Arteriosclerosis, angina (False), depression, cardiac spasm, cancer, complexion (dull and oily), wrinkles, hypertension, digestion (Constipation and diarrhea), dyspeps insomnia, menopause, palpitation and water retention
 Sensual, grounding, anxiety, allergies, cellulite, dandruff, hypertension, skin conditions (acne, eczema, dermatitis, scaring, wrinkles, soothes inflamed skin, tightens sagging skin, tissue regeneration or fades scars,) digestive problems (nausea, diarrhea, vomiting), hemorrhoids, vein tonic, water and fluid retention, weight reduction and wounds
 Stimulation, cooling, muscles aches, respiratory infections (Tuberculosis, pneumonia, bronchitis), asthma, arthritis, fevers, nausea, obesity, fungal infections (Candida), digestive problems, headaches, skin conditions (psoriasis, hair, eczema itchy skin), Viral (herpes simples, herpes zoster, cold sores, back problems (Scoliosis).
 Best Stress-Relief! Shingles, flue, colds, emotional blockages, infections (Throat and lung, bronchitis sinusitis), viral infections (Herpes, Hepatitis), virus, rhino pharyngitis, mononucleosis, muscle fatigue, insomnia, asthma, bladder, bunions, cancer, colds, ears, flue, lungs, nerves, pneumonia, wounds, adrenal glands
 Love, anxiety, hypertension, viral infections (Herpes simples), bronchitis, skin conditions (eczema, scaring, wrinkles, restores moisture balance, all skin types, dry or inflamed skin), menstrual problems digestive problems, liver congestion, eye infections, headaches, sprains, tuberculosis, wounds
 Menstrual problems and PMS, liver problems, hair loss, dandruff, asthma, bronchitis, digestion, gingivitis, lymphatic system, night seats, skin conditions, metabolism
 Cooling, centering, sensual
Tee Tree
 Fungal infections (Ringworm, sinus/lung infections, Candida, athletes foot), Skin Conditions (Acne, sores), hair (Dandruff), bronchitis, colds, flue, tonsillitis, tooth and gum disease, water retention and hypertension, wounds
 Fatigue, eases joint and muscular pain, fear and self-confidence
 Insomnia, anxiety, absentmindedness, acne, arthritis, ADD, ADHD, attention deficit, autism, depression, hyperactivity, joint stiffness, menstrual cramps, mental fatigue, muscles, muscular dystrophy, pancreatitis, postpartum depression, schizophrenia, sore feet, skin care, spine, tendonitis
 Ylang Ylang
 Lowers blood pressure, anxiety, depression, diabetes, insomnia, hair loss, skin conditions (oily skin, acne and blemishes, stimulates new cell growth, smooth wrinkles, pre-mature aging), releases muscle and tension, arterial hypertension, reduce hyperpnoea, palpation's, tachycardia, cardiac arrhythmia, intestinal problems and increase libido