Moon Phases
By Marisa McNeill


The Full Moon is the point that you can see both sides of the moon. The energy is there about 2-3 days before and after the Moon is completely full. This phase is great for doing anything that has to do with Personal growth, Spiritual development or even charging your Crystals.

The fullness of the moon reminds us that you can do anything! It is a sign of completion.

However, energy is always moving. So just as the moon is “Full” it is also “Empty”!

The New Moon is the point where the moon seems to be empty. Just a shadow in the sky. The energy again is there about 2-3 days before and after.  This is a time to FILL your life with positive, creative energy. What changes do you want to bring into your life? Is it time for a New Job? Relationship? Money? Car? What do you want to bring into your life?

Now, there are a couple other moon phases that are very important. It is very hard to jump from one to the other. There is work you must do between the phases to get great results.

The Waning Moon is when the moon moves from Full to New. This is a time to release some of your baggage. Things that are no longer important to you. Negativity, that old job, that sucky boy/girl friend. Remember it is hard to fill a glass that is already full. So you must Release some things from your life to bring in New!

The Waxing Moon is when the moon moves from New to Full. This is a great time to work on what you are wanting to Manifest into your new life. Some things are going to be easier than others. Some are going to move quickly and others are just going to seem to not happen. Keep your head up. You may not always be ready for the Change!

No matter what, always keep your head up. Remember, there is a reason someone you are very close too didn’t get healed, or make it through the night. There is always a reason that you were unable to get that new car, or job. Maybe winning the Lotto was high on your list and you are upset that it didn’t happen.

Look at the positives that did happen. Is your friend no longer in pain? If you had gotten that car today would you have been able to afford the insurance, or upkeep on it? Maybe the Job would have turned out being the wrong fit. Maybe, instead of winning the Lotto you received a raise. Or found money you stashed before, or was asked to work more hours at your job.

Don’t snuff off the little things. Be thankful for every day, and every minute in your life!