Please Check Calendar for Dates and Times of Each class. Call or come in to sign up, then Show up for the class!  There is a transaction fee added to each class purchased online.
Please check with Karla before bringing children to class!

Classes are $15 in Advanced or $20 at the door!

What is my life purpose? Will I ever find my soul mate? What should I do about my career? These are common questions that we all ask ourselves. Renowned author and Spiritual Teacher Doreen Virtue, PhD, created beautiful Angel cards to help us clearly communicate with our angels so that these questions may be answered. During Karla’s training with her as an Angel Therapy Practitioner, she asked that we empower others on the many ways to use these cards.  Learn how to hear and validate the knowingness within each of us through this experiential class.  Angel cards are available at Moonstone for purchase.

We will gather and play with the Angels! In the circle, Karla will connect with each participant in the group for a mini-angel reading! This is our MOST popular event and well worth planning ahead for!

Reiki Level I Training serves as an excellent first aid technique for accidents and injuries and also helps in reversing and healing existing health problems. Reiki works by balancing and restoring the body’s natural healing abilities. Once trained in the first degree, this technique can be used easily and effectively. It’s as simple as placing your hands where the problem is. Applied in a systematic fashion, Reiki is extremely effective and excellent for sufferers of Fibromyalgia, arthritis, migraines, etc.  You will receive a Manual and a Reiki Level I Training Certificate.  Preregistration for this class is required, must come in.

Reiki Level II Training teaches students techniques to increase the Reiki energy and how to use it on self and others. You will learn a technique for mental and emotional healing and how to use it to empower the subconscious mind. You will also learn how to send a Reiki treatment to someone at a distance.  You will receive a Manual and a Reiki Level II Training Certificate. Preregistration for this class is required, must come in.

Advanced Reiki Training teaches students the Usui Master Symbol, receive the Advanced Reiki Attunement, Meditations for Manifesting Goals and Cleansing the Spirit, and study the Taoist Microcosmic Orbit Points for meditation.  You will learn and practice Aura Clearing (Psychic Surgery) and learn to identify blockages for releasing and the Traditional Usui Reiki Ryoho Treatment Techniques.  You will receive a Manual and an Advanced Reiki Training Certificate. Prerequisites: Attuned to Reiki Level I and II and have practiced.

Master Level Reiki III Training is for those who wish to teach Reiki.  You will study what is a Master/Teacher, the Tibetan Master Symbols and receive the Master Attunement.  You will learn and practice giving Healing Attunements, all the Usui Reiki Attunements (Levels I, II, and III), Tibetan Reiki I, II, and III Attunements, Self Attunement, and sending Distant Attunements.  You will receive a Manual and a Certificate of Mastery. Prerequisites: Advanced Reiki Training.

Are you attuned and practicing Reiki? Or perhaps you have never even had a treatment?  All are welcome to recharge and balance in the Reiki Share. Everyone participates!

Intuitive Pathways Meditation: The Road of Life, with Karla.  In this enlightening meditation session, you will be opened to the possibilities of your highest potential. Karla uses subtle visualizations to lead you to a greater understanding of your own mental processes and how they are influencing your path in life. This meditation must be experienced to truly understand the gift of its empowerment. You will be inspired! Bring your journal for your private notes.

Learn about the many oils available to us from the plant kingdom.  There is a difference in therapeutic oils and oils that just smell good!  Join Karla Hurt, LMT, for an evening of smelling the oils and learning which oils are a must for every medicine cabinet.

Join us for this beginning class on crystals and their importance on the chakras. We will be covering the six chakra points and crystals for each point.  Stones are available for purchase.

Have you had a relationship with someone that you are unable to disconnect from, or "get over"? Do you ask yourself "why can't I move on"? Is there someone or something that drains you? In this meditation we will identify to whom or what we are connected to, which drains our energy and keeps us from living our fullest!

Are you interested in developing your intuition?  We all have unknown gifts and talents! These gifts are waiting just below the surface of your awareness. Through guided meditation you will be able to identify which sense (feeling, seeing, hearing, knowing...) is most predominate for you to tap into. Learn to use all your senses in communicating with Spirit and to help you live your divine path!

Let’s Laugh! Laughing is contagious in a group. Ride the wave of laughter and forget about your problems and then the solutions will become clear. Laughter is the best medicine for relieving stress, improves lung capacity, helps your immune system and is a great abdominal workout! Bring a yoga mat and pillows as we will lay on the floor for side splitting belly laughs.

Did you know that a pendulum in motion reflects an outward manifestation of your own muscle responses? Individuals and doctors have been using pendulums for muscle testing and dowsing for many years. Using the principles and methods shown in this class, you will learn to recognize the motions of your pendulum that indicate answers. You will then be able to test for foods your body really needs, as well as selecting vitamins, healing treatments, and so on. The pendulum is an excellent tool for personal insight. There are many practical situations in which a pendulum can give an answer or direction, and this class will pursue as many of those situations as time allows. You will soon be using your pendulum like a pro! You are welcome to bring your own pendulum. We have cleansed pendulums available for purchase in the retail store, as well.

Do you need a tune up?  The body is like a huge orchestra that is playing the grand symphony of our life. A healthy body is in tune.  Every organ of our body has a frequency or a note playing at the same time. This creates harmonics that give us health. If the frequency is too low, a symptom of illness will manifest. Using tuning forks that vibrate to a particular frequency will bring balance to organs, chakras, and the layers of the aura. By shifting the vibration and clearing blockages in the energy meridians the body harmonizes and begins to operate at its optimum, which creates healing, and total body harmony. Each tuning fork is associated with an Angel, which assists in bringing our body into balance.  Learn and experience tuning forks and the effect they have on your mind, body and spirit!

People are asking: How do you read toes? Each toe has its own shape and character, much like the lines on your hand. Angle, shape, right foot or left foot, all contribute to your toe reading. What can I learn from a toe reading? The characteristics of the feet, toes and nails provide valuable clues to the inner struggles or inner resolve. Do our toes change over time? Absolutely! It's recommended that you schedule a toe reading every three months when going through a highly active or stressful time in your life.


So you are interested in working with candles but you are not sure where to start. With so many different candles on the market it is hard to insure that you are using the correct candles for the right reason.  Using the basics, and the advanced you will be working with candles in no time.

Energy imprints left on objects.
Psychometry is the ability to read the history of objects by holding the object in your hand.
Karla helps you work with all of your senses to read the energy imprints on objects.
Bring an object to class! Usually small personal objects such as a watch, ring, key or other personal objects are the best.
Spirit communicates with us threw our writing. Learn the art of communication for your souls purpose.
Have you ever walked into a home and felt very comfortable? Have you walked into a place of business and feel very uncomfortable to the point you leave?

Energies stay within a building and homes. Learn to cleanse and clear, homes and businesses of negative energy.

Many people Astral Travel during their sleep time and are unaware they have done so. Learn techniques in becoming so relaxed, allowing yourself to travel to other places.


We will safely travel to other places or dimensions!

Connection with your Animal Totem is important to your Spiritual life. They teach us and help us understand where we are going and what we are doing. They change, and sometimes you will find that you have more than one at a time. They are a great way to connect with spirit.
This Meditation will help you discover who you are working with, and sometimes why!

In this mediation we will focus on individual Crystals and experience the shifts of each one!

This is a great class!