Basic Pagan Class

We have been doing many different activities. We would love for more to join us! If you are interested email [email protected] for more information!

This class is for everybody. New at Paganism, Or if you have been practicing for years we would love for you to join us. 

We keep it very basic, just a foundation, and grow from what you learn! We love to learn from others and are NO way perfect. We do not know everything, and sometimes we just have to work together to find answers to questions you may have. This is very basic so you can take what you have learned home and make it yours! There is no right or wrong way to do things, just YOUR way! We have tons of fun and like to keep it upbeat and interesting!

We love to spend the first few hours talking about things, and then get hands on!

Come in and open yourself up to new ideas! We would love to have you!

About Us!

Marisa is a Massage Therapist and with the Help of Karla she is writing meditations that will be great for kids. She has three children of her own, and is a foster parent. She has been on the Pagan path for over 15 years and has just started to come out of her shell to teach and show others!