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Quotes Love the store! Great friendly service. Can't wait to go back. Quotes
Raven Kenworth

Quotes I appreciated all the help. Quotes
Square User

Quotes I want to thank you for the great service. You have a nice store with a great selection. Quotes
Square User

Quotes "My path on this Journey is one of accepting things as they are and learning/teaching/sharing/giving/etc. in every instance. I don't believe in coincidence or mere chance, so I would have to say everything about this class and the teacher's presentation was exactly as it was meant to be!" Quotes
Pagan WorkShops

Quotes Writing your own Rites " was an excellent class! I love being able to practice casting circles, performing rites and getting information... Having the ability to share experiences after is a plus too, then being able to ask questions and have someone there to answer them is super helpful for when I'm practicing at home alone! Besides amazing... I would describe it as a very informative and hands on approach with room for your own ideas and practices." Quotes
Pagan WorkShops

Quotes I would like to thank the warm and positive energy I get from the Moonstone Family. I have been in there several times to buy items like today my cute little dragon necklace. I have been in there just to talk about everything which includes what we are doing to continue the growth of the pagan community in Wichita as two different groups. I would like to say thanks for having the shop so that I can occasionally buy items i need and want. So if you are looking for something drop in and say hi to the lady. And give them support by putting something on layaway or your wish list for the holidays, birthdays, anniversary's, etc. They also have gift cards for that special someone and have many classes that they are having. thanks again ladies for the great conversions and little dragon I brought today. Quotes

Quotes I have been taking classes at Moonstone. The last class I took was NEW MOON, it was about how to Manifest with the energies of the New Moon. It was really cool, but as I am new at all of this I was skeptical it was not going work. What you do is write on a paper of what you are ready to let go of in your life. Burn it, then you flush it. After that you light your candle and it stays lit for 7 days or tell it goes out, as you Meditate on what you are ready for. Mine was my job, before the moon was filling I had a job interview, I was to picture myself walking in like had the job, it was so cool to see. I did this for only 4 days and got a call to see if I could take the position they are hiring for. So I am learning that angles will be watching and if its not time they will give it to you when the time is right! Quotes

Quotes I love MoonStone! everything here is so relaxing and calm. when you walk in the door its feeling of love, and a thought of welcome that comes to mind. the wide selection of stones are awesome! in need of a massage or a angel reading come to MoonStone. There is no other place with a loving family like MoonStone. I am a proud member of the family!!! <3 Quotes

Quotes Moonstone came to town just as I was searching for a Reiki Master. Not only did I find Karla as my Reiki Master, I also consider her, Marisa and Jeremy my friends. The energy there is so wonderful and light that you feel like family. After a recent car accident, I went in for Reiki to lessen the pain and had a wonderful treatment that left me feeling so relaxed. Quotes
Stacey Schofield

Quotes I have been in MoonStone serveral times and just keep being drawn back!!! I just love Karla and Marisa they are so helpful and their energy is unlifting!!!! They carry everything I am looking for and the workshops and and classes are very informative and helpful!!! Quotes
Awsome Place!!!!!!